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Grace is a Forest Talent fairy who arrived on June 7th, 2012. She arrived at the Pixie Dust Tree and lived in Cherryblossom Heights for awhile before moving to Dewdrop Vale. However, she now currently resides in Acorn Summit.


Grace has pale skin and black, curly hair and purple eyes. She is often seen wearing a forest green crop top, a pine green skirt, and dark green boots, all made from leaves. A pale green belt wraps around her waist, and a pink flower necklace dangles from her neck. Three small flowers are fastened to the side of her hair, two pink, one red. She sports two large, green wings similar to Queen Clarion's.



Grace was created via a baby's first laugh, as all other fairies are. She arrived at the Pixie Dust tree and lived life normally for awhile within a knothole in a tree at Cherryblossom Heights. She met an Animal fairy named Hazel, whom she became close with. A month afterwards, Hazel was taken away by pirates, and Grace had to rescue her friend, only for her to die due to the injuries she'd suffered. Grace buried her near the beach she died on, hoping her spirit would find rest near the calm, relaxing sea. It was the last time Grace ever visited the ocean.

Late 2012 - Early 2013Edit

Grace befriended a few fairies but grew exceptionally close with Starsong and her sisters, Lila Hollytwinkle and Daisy, in early 2013. With friends came enemies, however. Grace witnessed the troublesome nature of Water Talent fairy Melody, as well as became most disliked by Octavia Copperblossom. While Melody tended to leave the Forest Talent alone half the time, Octavia insisted on letting her know how much she despised her.

During late 2012, Grace unexpectedly fell in love with a sparrow man named Zak. Her and the Tinker began spending time together and were gradually becoming very close, until he suddenly disappeared without a trace. Confused and heartbroken, Grace spent a long time looking for him, but he was never found. After 3 months, the hopeless fairy gave up.

The rest of 2012 was uneventful, however she did end up moving to a small house in Dewdrop Vale in order to help use her talent more, as there seemed to be more opportunities for Forest fairies there.

Mid - Late 2013Edit

Grace's sadness towards the loss of Hazel and Zak, as well as Melody's and Octavia's aggression, soon overwhelmed her, and she turned to opium poppies to ease her pain. Although her friends tried to stop her, she was too far, spiraling into a heavy poppy addiction. She passed on December 18, 2013.

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