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Dulcie (who most commonly goes by her title of Head Cook) is a cooking-talent who works in the kitchens of the Tearoom, cooking up the delicious meals that are offered all day to every fairy. Her less commonly-known job is opium poppy dealer.


The Head Cook has dusky brown skin and wavy, chestnut-colored hair. She is commonly seen in a blue blouse, burnt-umber dungarees, and a matching burnt-umber armored vest, which is to prevent accidents that may occur during her opium poppy dealer job. She has one warm cocoa-colored eye, having lost the other to an especially deranged client. She rarely accessorizes, only wearing a puffy cream-white chef's hat, but after complaints of fairies fainting after catching sight of her empty eye socket, she also wears a similarly-colored white woven eyepatch. This has prompted jokes about her looking piratical, which she strongly dislikes.


The Head Cook was an especially good cook even on her first day in Pixie Hollow, and she became famous for her pastries. The most famous was her "poppy puff rolls," which she garnished with home-grown poppyseeds. Despite not being a garden-talent, the Head Cook was able to keep a modest garden of poppies alive, but when an afternoon of cross-breeding led to a new strain of poppies whose seeds had a mysterious effect, the Head Cook was struck by an idea.

She soon realized the dangers of her job after losing an eye, prompting her to commission a special vest that is virtually impenetrable. She also began carrying her chef's knives with her everywhere, even tucking them under her pillow when she sleeps.

Some other garden-talents are desperate to replicate The Head Cook's famous opium poppies, but she's been successful in preventing notable competitors from rising in the market. Her missing eye and tough attitude are especially helpful in that regard.

How to Buy Her Opium Poppies[]

NOTE: Please do not attempt unless you are serious about trying opium poppies! The Head Cook has no patience for time-wasters, and she lost her reservations toward maiming and/or killing fairies a long time ago.

  1. Visit the Tearoom. Although it is not necessary, it is recommended you schedule this meetup for Wednesday, as that is purportedly when she feels generous.
  2. Find an empty table. After sitting alone for a few moments without eating or drinking, a serving-talent will ask you if you are waiting to order something. Do not worry, as the Head Cook pays off all serving-talents quite handsomely, and they have been properly intimidated from snitching.
  3. Ask for an "off-menu poppy special." You will be escorted to a back table to discuss with the Head Cook.
  4. She will join you as soon as she can. Then she will lightly interview you. As long as you answer honestly and don't get visibly disturbed by her eyepatch (do NOT make any comments regarding pirates), you should be able to pass the interview fairly quickly.
  5. You will discuss prices. Since the Head Cook is the only one in the opium poppy market, she is free to drive her prices as high as she desires. Bargaining is not entirely prohibited, but one should watch her remaining eye carefully while haggling: if it begins to twitch, she is losing patience.
  6. If you are a returning customer, simply repeat these steps. The serving-talents may start recognizing you, allowing you to be served faster; the Head Cook will not interview you again; and price discussion will be fairly limited as she will likely adhere to the prices you agreed on in the last visit.