Robin is an animal-talent fairy who was birthed from a child's laugh and arrived to Neverland on November 11, 2017. Although she was officially deemed an animal-talent, Robin performed very poorly at her job, being afraid of virtually every animal she was tasked to work with. Eventually, after several complaints being filed against her, Queen Clarion passed a special motion allowing her to be an animal-talent in name only, since she was so useless at dealing with the complex creatures of Pixie Hollow. 

Since Robin no longer had anything else to do, she decided to experiment with other hobbies. However, rumors had spread like wildfire amongst the gossiping fairies, and the talents were hesitant to let her do anything due to her now notorious incompetence. 

Robin was desperate for something to do, and she finally hit her mark on one lucky day. She was able to sneak into the Sewing Room and steal some bolts of fabric, spiderweb thread, some needles, and some basic patterns. Despite the sewing talents' fears that she would be utterly inept with clothing, her practice attempts in the secrecy of her own home were successful, and she was able to make clothes that fit her perfectly in a few weeks. 

When Robin wore her clothes proudly in public for the first time, people were aghast. Although the clothes were perfectly tailored to her frame with relatively expert craftsmanship, they looked horrible. She had dyed the once-tasteful fabrics her favorite color -- deep, gaudy purples that clashed awfully. It is true that fairies are terrible gossips, but most of them fear confrontation, so not a soul could bring themselves to tell Robin that she looked like a grape stain of embarrassment. 

This was a mistake, as Robin's outfits only worsened from there. 

While searching all of Pixie Hollow for new fashion inspirations, she found a photobook washed up from the Mainland on the shores of the beach. The pages were waterlogged and the ink was faded, but Robin could still make apart the pictures of a Clumsy singer, dressed in beautiful, glittery outfits. The title embossed on the book's cover told her the Clumsy's name: Ariana Grande. She was instantly captivated. 

Robin managed to bring the photobook back home, with the help of an extra pinch of fairy dust. For months she remained locked up, and the fairies of Pixie Hollow were grateful. One accidental look at Robin and her terrible purple outfits could ruin one's whole day. 

On a cool spring day, when even fairies who mostly spent their days indoor came outside to loll in the flower-scented breeze, Robin stepped out in her finest monstrosity to date. 

The outfit was modeled after a picture she'd seen in the photobook. She wore a short, sultry midnight-purple, sewn all over with dazzling crystals that reflected the sunlight in a dozen different angles. Beneath the glittering hem were thigh-high boots in blinding eggplant. 

But worst of all was the coat she wore. Enormous and furry, it was made of mouse fur and dyed a violet so bright it burned to look at. It swept over her shoulders magnificently, looking like a deranged beast draped over her tiny form. 

As soon as she sauntered into Havendish Square, the screams began. 

"A monster--!" the fairies yelped, pointing at the fur thing Robin had ensconced herself in. "It's a monster! Run for your lives!" 

"Hey, wait!" Robin called into the carnage. "It's me -- it's me, Robin!" 

But her cries were lost in the terror of the crowd, and even those who stopped to look carefully couldn't, as their eyes were immediately scorched by the crystal-covered monstrosity of a dress. 

The screams trailed up to the highest branches of the Pixie Dust Tree, where the scout-talents began arming themselves with weapons to face the new beast that had invaded Pixie Hollow. "Did you hear?" one of them said. "It's apparently a big purple blob, and it reflects so much light you can't stand to look at it!" 

"Sounds like Robin," another joked, totally oblivious as he sheathed a quiver of spiny arrows. "Minus the light part." 

Robin teetered around Havendish Stream, her balance shaky thanks to the high-heeled boots. "Hello?" she yelled helplessly, as the dress was blinding her vision as well. She regretted not saving it for a cloudy winter day instead. "Hello? It's me, it's me, Ro--" 

She got to finish her sentence, as a particularly keen scout-talent's arrow found its way to her heart. 

Only when twilight fell and the sun slipped away into shadows that the identity of the monster was revealed. And while the fairies cried appropriately, each of them were secretly grateful that they would never have to see that lecherous fashion wreck Robin ever again. 

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Robin scheming her next disaster in her home.

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